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First of all thewebskills is a design blog dedicated to bloggers, freelancers, web developers and designers. We regularly publish tutorials, software's and even design news to keep You on top of your game all the time!

Bilal Ahmed

Role: Tutorials and Article Writer, Founder of thewebskills

Bilal is a 13 years old young boy.When he founded TWS in 2012, he never knew it will change his life so much! The possibility to reach so many people, work with such a beautiful team is a dream made real! But here we are, he is now silent manager behind the  TWS  scenes. He needed to make a tough choice to put writing aside and focus on building a good company culture, teaching his team ( oh..often they teach him a lot more though) and thinking about bigger future vision. He went to UnderGround Seminar and understood that everybody should focus on the 5% they do best and leave the rest to others. Who knows, 

those other 95% might be better than you ever could!
He consider his stronger skills are training new people, managing team and noticing great people who just need that opportunity! Aside from that, analyzing stats, understanding trends and moving the business to the right direction takes time in his daily workflow.
That’s it about Bilal.

Malik Haseeb

Role: Editor and Article Writer

Writing has always been my passion ever since I first held a pen. I remember, during elementary grade, I would write short stories on crumpled papers and put them up for rent. My classmates would flock to my desk to rent my pieces.In the near future I really dream of becoming a successful web designer and web developer. I love being part of Thewebskills, I really enjoy and love my work and day by day I learn a lot of things from the team and I am looking forward to growing with Thewebskills even more!
Cheers to you all!

Facebook: www.facebook.com/malikhaseeb6
Yahoo: malik.haseeb79@yahoo.com